5 Easy And Affordable Ways To Get Longer, Healthier Eyelashes

Dreaming of longer, thicker lashes? These tips and tricks can help you make that dream a reality from the comfort of home.

Jill Nystul • March 8, 2023

Jill Nystul • December 20, 2023

Jill Nystul • December 20, 2023

Jill Nystul • December 20, 2023


How To Get Longer Eyelashes Naturally

A few years ago now, a desire for longer and thicker eyelashes led me into a brief and unfortunate encounter with eyelash extensions. As in: I went and got them, then endured a brutal 72 hours of itching and burning before getting them removed.

Apparently my eyes simply aren’t destined for long, luxurious eyelashes, which is rather disappointing because I really loved the way they looked! :-) Oh well. There is a certain point when the price of “beauty” is just too high to pay, and itchy, burning eyes is definitely one of those points!

After that debacle, I decided to look into other ways I might augment my somewhat skimpy lashes. That lead to the discovery of the super simple DIY lash serum I’ll be sharing with you today, along with few other tips and tricks I’ll share at the end of this post!


How To Make A Nourishing DIY Lash Serum

You’ll need:



Remove the top from a glass roller bottle and fill it with fractionated coconut oil. Add a single drop of lavender essential oil on top of the coconut oil, then replace the roller top. Shake the bottle gently to combine the oils.


To use the serum, gently roll it over your lashes. Use clean fingers to spread the serum evenly along the length of your lashes, but be careful not to pull or tug on them. (And take care not to get any of the serum in your eyes as well!)

For best results, apply the serum once a day at bedtime. The beneficial fatty acids in the coconut oil will help moisturize and strengthen your lashes over time, while the lavender oil provides additional nourishment (and it just smells nice!) :-)

4 More Ways To Promote Longer, Healthier Eyelashes


1. Apply Green Tea

Green tea features beneficial properties like flavonoids that can help with lash growth. Just dip a cotton ball into warm or cool green tea and swipe it over your eyelashes, where it will help stimulate growth and clean the hair follicles, allowing for more substantial growth to occur.


2. Brush Your Lashes

Another way to keep your eyelashes healthy and help stimulate growth is by brushing them twice a day with a lash comb. Brushing helps to distribute the natural oils along the length of your lashes to help keep them strong and evenly moisturized.


3. Eat Protein And Vitamins

Help promote lash growth and keep them healthy by making sure your diet is high in both protein and vitamins. Foods like fish, eggs, beans, and yogurt are all good choices that can contribute to healthy lashes, and soy protein can help promote lash growth.


4. Be Nice To Your Lashes

And last but not least (as well as a good reminder for me): be gentle with your eyelashes! Anything that can damage your lashes should be avoided if possible, including false lashes and lash curlers.

It’s almost impossible to remove false lashes without pulling out at least an eyelash or two. And lash curlers can lead to damage as well, either by causing breakage, or if your hand slips and you accidentally yank out a number of lashes!

So if you’re in pursuit of longer lashes, I hope you’ll give some of these tips a try for yourself! :-)

Do you have any tips or tricks related to eyelashes?