About Essentials by Jillee

I first became aware of essentials oils over 20 years ago, when a few of my friends and family members had gotten involved in aromatherapy. I bought my first bottle of lavender oil on their recommendation, and it didn't take long before I was recommending it to others as well!

In 2011 I started a blog called One Good Thing by Jillee, and I was thrilled to finally have a platform to share my growing passion for essential oils. But the more I wrote about and used essential oils in my own life, the more my interest in natural remedies and solutions started to grow and change. I started experimenting with using essential oils not only for their health benefits, but for cleaning my home, creating my own homemade beauty products, and so much more.

Since that time, I've been fortunate enough to see my little blog grow into a successful business and a thriving website, all thanks to you! And now I have the wonderful opportunity to launch Essentials by Jillee, my very own line of essential oils for DIYers, makers, and experimenters just like me! These oils and oil blends are tailor-made to be used in all of the homemade cleaning, health, and beauty recipes you'll find on my blog One Good Thing by Jillee, or in any of your own DIY concoctions!

Not only do I take pride in the exceptional quality of the products in the Essentials by Jillee collection, but also in the way we've structured this shop. You won't find any distributors, commitments, or hassle here—just pure and honest products that have earned my personal seal of approval. So take a look around the shop, and keep your eyes peeled for future product releases! I am forever appreciative of your support, and I'm excited to embark on this new journey with you!