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Lemon Essential Oil
My favorite!

Wonderful fresh smelling oil. I use it all the time & all over the house. Bonus, I splash a couple of drops in my sparkling water for a treat.

Microfiber cleaning cloths

I love my Microfiber cleaning cloths, dishcloths & kitchen towels. They are great! Very soft yet holds up to the toughest messes. They wash & dry

Great product

Absorbs every kind of spills. Dried quickly. Economically priced. Nice colors. Washes great. What's not to like!


Love the calendar!!! I read the tips and use them, so to have them at my fingertips is wonderful. I highly recommend it!

Look really good

I've only used them a couple of times. They look and seem to work very well. I also like that the dry balls come with a nice storage bag.

Mesh laundry bags

I love the quality of the bags.

Holiday book

Great recipes for holidays.

I appreciate these dryer balls! They make drying simpler by drying faster because of the balls. My first ones wore out, so it was time for new ones!

They became my “ONLY” towels!

Love Tum Ease

I bought this just to see…wasn’t really convinced that an essential oil blend could help with my ongoing stomach woes. But it does, just about every time. My wish is that the bottle was bigger with a bigger roller ball. I’m not a big person at 135 lbs, but the little roller takes a while to cover the area.

Dryer balls A-OK

I've only used them once and my laundry felt soft. The balls are a little loud.

Quality of microfibre cloths

I have used them a lot since I purchased them, they are very versatile and handy. Very happy with them.

Tips &Tricks

Love it! It’s a quick reminder to make life easier.

Love, love, love!!

A wonderful cream

I’m 73 and have been blessed with fairly unwrinkled skin, that being said I have to say that I have been using Jillee’s Timeless skin care line for several years and I do think that has helped. I especially like the cream which seems so smooth and soothing.

Awesome to slumber!

I need a 55 gallon drum! This stuff is amazing. I finished my first purchase and do need or could have the desire for a huge refill or exchange purchase service! I send back my rollerball to be refilled or recycled. I have told many people about this and how amazingly it works. I talk to complete strangers everywhere about it!!! I most probably will become a paid club member for the purchasing benefits. Going to work on my "calm" as I have a major surgery coming up in 2 days and need something to help with the need of calm.

Restore balm

I neglected to bring it with me, on vacation, but indeed wish I had as my neck could certainly use it!!!

Perpetual Daily Calendar

I've had this calendar for a few weeks now and I've learned or been reminded of something VALUABLE each day - my rule is not to take sneak peaks ahead! It's well-constructed on heavy stock, designed beautifully and sits unobtrusively on my desk next to my computer. What a clever idea - thank you so much for coming up with yet another brilliant idea, Jillee!

Cleaning cloths

All of these products are wonderful. The cleaning cloth works well for me and after washing they dry so fast!!!

Cute little calendar-

Love this, cute, compact, sits wherever you place it. A neat and handy helpful hint for each day. Can be used over and over!

I love these towels. They are absorbent, great for cleaning and wash very well. I will definitely purchase in the future for myself and as gifts.

Makeup remover

Your makeup remover cloths are the best! They are very soft and fluffy and remove all makeup (even my occasional use of waterproof mascara) with minimal effort.

Why didn't I think of that calendar

Very cool! I just have to remember to turn the page - LOL. I will put it on the counter by my sink, but I love the tips so far.

New Calendars

I have only glanced through the calendar so far. I bought these as gifts because I am always telling friends and family “Jillee says this.” I’m sure they will be a hit. So many ideas and helpful hints we can’t think of on our own. Thank you for all your discoveries.