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Great laundry addition

I ordered these laundry bags about a month ago. They are great for washing smaller delicate items. I love the way the zipper is enclosed when you zip it.

Works but expensive

My husband was having trouble with nasal congestion at night so I purchased All Clear, he said that is made a difference. My only complaint is I bought it 2 weeks ago and the bottle did not last for the entire 14 days, too expensive for the amount in the bottle.

Hi, Laura! There are other ways to use this product without a diffuser if you find you are using too much product at one time in the diffuser. Try putting a few drops on a cotton ball and put the cotton balls in a glass jar with a lid. Then, when your husband needs it, he can just open the jar and breathe. We refer to these as breathe jars. Close the lid when not in use. This will keep the jar active for a long time! You can also put a few drops on a cotton ball and leave it nearby while he sleeps. Thanks! Have a wonderful day!

Would love a smaller bottle

I like these spray bottles!

I use these bottles for my home-made cleaning products such as laundry spot remover, general cleaning products, etc. They are the perfect size - not too small but not too heavy to lug a few of them around the house when I'm on a cleaning rampage!

Buh Bye OLD dishtowels!!!

I’m enjoying the new sizes available on those wonderful microfiber towels. I have permanently retired all other dish towels for these! I plan on doing the same with my cleaning rags and dish cloths. Please stock more grey and blue!

Great Toweis!

I’ve only used one dish towel and I’m hooked. This towel washes up great and I find they dry quickly. They’re going on my Christmas list and given to friends and relatives. Buy them, you won’t use anything else.

Excellent product!

These are such a time saver and so user friendly. They are so nice to my sensitive skin. I don't know why I waited so long to order. I'm going to give one to each of my daughter and daughter in laws.

A perfect fit!

One of the best habits I’ve ever formed is wiping out the bathroom and kitchen sinks (and counter if needed) after every use. It keeps the water deposits from building up. I’ve had great cloths for this in the past, but these are the best ever! One swipe and it absorbs all the water even around the drain. The size is perfect for this. Even better, the cloth dries so quickly, I can just lay it next to the sink (to remind everyone to give a quick wipe) and it’ll be dry and ready for the next use.

Tum Ease

I have loved using this roll on tummy relief when I get an upset tummy . It’s so easy and works great and quickly.

Microfiber Kitchen Towels

Absolutely love how these towels work in my kitchen. They dry my hands but also are great for wiping down my counters and my glass top stove. In fact I liked them so much that I ordered another set so I would always have a fresh towel when needed.

Complete relief

Helps a lot with headache

Magic towels

These towels are amazing! They pick up water, messes, whatever with no remaining mess. I just ordered 4 more sets!

Great Gift

I gave all 4 that I bought, away as gifts. Each person loved the flip calendar. Said they would enjoy reading daily.

Pleasant smell

I love using simple clean all over my house & RV. When spritzed on one of Jillee’s cloths, cleaning multiple surfaces is so easy. Great product


I love your Dishcloths. They are great for cleaning & do not smell bad if you leave them
Lay around wet.

Microfiber Dishcloths · 4 Pack

Spray bottle labels

Very well designed and useful labels

best essential oil blend for congestion

This blend is amazing for clearing up sinus congestion. I'm not sure if I have allergies or not, but there are times when my nose is stuffy, and this helps clear it up. This blend smells awesome diffused too, but I mostly just inhale from the bottle directly. I also have tried it on volcanic rock beads (in bracelets and necklaces) so I can smell it all day long. It's a wonderful product.

Relief at Last!!!!

My husband has suffered from heart but for years. I got him this knowing he is a skeptical person of feel better quick products. After the first night of rolling it on the next morning he said it “seemed” to work. That night he rolled it on again and has been having great results! Added benefit….he sleeps better and now I can too! Thanks so much!!!

Sinuses are Allclear!

This is my morning routine. I diffuse this every morning and it helps clear my husband and my sinuses.

Tips and tricks

Love that I have all of your ideas together in one place to review on a daily basis. I often forget the great hints and this is a perfect way to be reminded.

Balls for the Dryer

I am happy so not need as much fabric softener. However, my slips and light blues do come out full of static, so the balls do not solve that issue.

Hi, Jan! Thank you for your review! To stop the static, try dampening the dryer balls right before you throw them in your dryer! This should greatly decrease, if not completely remove, static!

Love It!

This product (as well as every item in the line) is absolutely wonderful!!! I'm definitely hooked on each & every one ... so much so that I have tossed everything I've tried & kept because I spent so much money on them! These are the only facial cleaning products I now own! I could go on & on about how much her products work! My skin started improving immediately, and the benefits of continued use are amazing! My skin has balanced out with no more dry spots here & oily spots there! A little goes a long way and does what it's supposed to do! There is now consistency in my skin with no problem areas. Truly amazing products!!!

Spray Bottle Labels

Love these! They work perfectly and are so easy to put on and read

Satisfied customer!

I was pleasantly surprised, as it really helped me fall asleep! I put a few drops in a diffuser and put a couple of drops on my pillow. It’s a little “strong” odor-wise, but I’m ok with that! It works!