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Best microfiber cloths I have ever invested in!

I love these cloths! I hope to replace all my microfiber cloths! Best cleaning purchase I have ever made!

Makeup Remover Cloths Complete Kit

convenient and handy

The Best!

My third time ordering this product,really works!
So happy I tried it Don’t miss out.

Gentle Care Mesh Bags

I love these bags for my gentle items! I got the large ones and use them a lot!

Microfiber towel

I loved your suggestion to use these towels to clean up shower walls. Had many issues with a squeegee, so these were a welcome alternative. Many thanks!

Fabulous towels/dusters

The texture works perfectly to dry dishes and as a dusting cloth. Washes up clean as a wistle

So soft!!

Just the right size for face.

dish cloths

I love, love, love these dish cloths. I love them so much that I order a second pack!

Microfiber dish cloths

Dish cloths are great. I one to wash off my counters and cabinets and another to dry them. It makes everything shine. Nice quality.


Love the way my face looks!
Brighter & wrinkles around my lips
are not as noticeable! Feels so much


I have sensitive skin and cannot use regular wrinkle reducing creams. This doesn't bother my skin, and it smells nice.

And the winner is - Jillee’s Microfiber Kitchen Towels

These microfiber kitchen towels are absolutely the best. So absorbent and quick drying as well. I even use them to dry my shower now. Works better than my squeegee! I have given them to 5 people and they are equally impressed. Please do not hesitate to try these. You will be writing a review like I am!

Lavender Essential Oil
Deborah Woroniecki
Lavender essential oil

I love adding it to a diy cleaning solution. I also dab it on a cooled light bulb & enjoy the scent after turning it on.


I bought it for my partner who has slight arthritis, she said it helped her with the pain.

YOU will 💜 it, too!

This my “second go-round” with these awesome products. I truly can see + feel a difference. 🤫 Secret: this time around, I’ve committed to be more regimented, more consistent.. Try it! The old cliché saying ‘You’ll be grateful you did..’ is truly real! 💜

Very Nice!

I was surprised at how well these removed all make up, including mascara! Very soft and pretty colors too!

Just what I've been looking for

For years I have been looking for a dishcloth that wrings out dry enough to wipe my counters without leaving wet streaks. You cannot even imagine the pile I have of those that didn't work. I have used microfiber cloths but they never really did the job. These are perfect. I wring them well when I finish dishes and then wipe my wet streaks. They rinse clean and they don't smell. I'm glad I ordered the special of 4 packs. I just gave that pile of failures to my husband for shop rags!

It Helps

Although I don't normally have a problem with falling asleep, it does happen infrequently. When this has happened I apply the Slumber and I am usually asleep quickly.

Love this serum

I bought Jillee's Vitamin C serum because she said it was wonderful and she is right. I am on my second bottle now and I really like how this product feels on my face. I have sun spots on my face and I am using this Vitamin C serum to help fade the spots.

Very nice, colorful

Beautiful colorful and functional! Love my new wash cloths and a different color for each day or whatever. It comes with a nice clear case and a bag for washing them. Very nice and they work great

AMAZING Skin Care Products

I can't tell you how much I love this skin care line. My face feels as soft as a baby's butt (can I say that online - LOL!) Hope I didn't offend anyone on that remark but it is true. Everything smells great, but the moisturizer smells out of this world. My only complaint is all of the bottles lock which is great for travel. I would love to see the cleanser put into a locking bottle or maybe a travel size that can lock like the other bottles. I recently traveled and felt I wasted a lot trying to get it locked. I highly recommend this skin care line for everyone to keep their skin radiant and looking younger.

Nourishing Oil Cleanser
Abby Rosas-De Loa
Oil Cleanser

This is my second time ordering this product. I just simply like it! It feels good on my skin when I massage it on to take off my makeup.

Love your microfiber dish towels and the way they dry dishes. I have other microfiber dish towels I ordered from you and they are by far the best.

Ideal Daily Moisturizer
Patricia A Hastings
Love it!

I love this moisturizer it is so creamy and smooth and just glides on my skin! It is so nourishing!!


The jury is still out on this one. Maybe I haven't used it enough or the right consistency 🤔 but I haven't given up on it yet. I think I just need more time with it.