Laundry Kit - By Jillee Shop
Laundry Kit - By Jillee Shop
Laundry Kit - By Jillee Shop
Laundry Kit - By Jillee Shop
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Laundry Kit

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Ready to embrace a more natural approach to doing laundry, and save some money while you’re at it? This kit has all the essentials you need to take your laundry to the next level.

The Laundry Kit includes a bottle of Freshly Washed, a blend of clean, fresh-smelling oils that was created with clothes and linens in mind. Add a few drops of this blend to one of your wool dryer balls (also included) before adding them to your dryer, and they’ll infuse your fabrics with an all-natural fragrance you’ll love!

This kit also includes a copy of the eBook How To Wash Everything, an informative guide to some of the very best laundry hacks, stain removal techniques, and other helpful solutions for almost any laundry challenge you could encounter.


This kit includes:
  • Freshly Washed Essential Oil Blend, 10 ml
  • Wool Dryer Balls, 6 Pack
  • How To Wash Everything eBook

How To Use

Use your Laundry Kit to impart a fresh, clean scent to your clothes and linens without relying on synthetic fragrances and chemicals. Just add a few drops of Freshly Washed to your dryer balls before starting your dryer to infuse its fresh scent throughout!

NOTICE OF RISK. Adding essential oils to dryer balls can at times involve risk of injury, property damage, and other dangers. Read: Is it safe to use essential oils on my dryer balls?

Customer Reviews

Based on 77 reviews
Suzanne Schmidt
My old dryer balls were in need of replacement

I love the colored dryer balls. So easy to find in dried laundry.

Tammie Godfrey
Dryer Balls

Hi, I love, love, love the colors!!!! I was so excited to get these, because in the reviews, people were always talking about no more static cling. I do make the balls damp, for items that I know cause static cling. That helps tremendously. I love these wool dryer balls. Try them, you will love them too!!!! 😍💕🥰🥳

Hi, Tammie! Hint: If you dampen the wool dryer balls before you use them, that should get rid of the static electricity!

No more dryer sheets!

Have been use these dryer balls for over a year. I love them! They fluff my clothes and there is nothing to throw away or find in the sleeve of your shirt later!

The laundry kit really works!

The woolly balls really cut down on time in the dryer & electricity to run it, saving wear on clothes, and they smell nice!

Janet Freels
Wool Dryer Balls with Oil

I absolutely love the wool dryer balls and the fresh smelling essential oil. It has been a game changer for me!!

Vivian Kramer
good product

I've used the dryer balls only 2 times, but they seem to be working fine! I live alone so don't have to wash clothes very often and could write a better review in about a month, but I'm pleased so far!!!

Kathy May

Faster in drying

Margaret Kelminson
Dryer balls

I love them!! My clothes are nice and soft and not nearly as wrinkled as they were with the sheets. I like them so much I gave some as gifts.

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