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Danish Dough Whisk - By Jillee Shop
Danish Dough Whisk - By Jillee Shop
Danish Dough Whisk - By Jillee Shop
Danish Dough Whisk - By Jillee Shop
Danish Dough Whisk - By Jillee Shop

Danish Dough Whisk

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Meet the tool you didn’t know your kitchen was missing until now: the Danish dough whisk. (The Danes call it a brødpisker, or “bread whip.”)

While doughs quickly gum up wooden spoons and balloon whisks, they’re no match for the looped wire of a Danish dough whisk. This elegant whisk incorporates flour and liquid easily without overmixing so that cinnamon roll dough, biscuit dough, and even pancake batter comes together in a snap.

Using a Danish dough whisk can eliminate other baking frustrations, too, like those pesky pockets of unincorporated flour and unevenly distributed clumps of fruits or nuts. And perhaps best of all, it’s quick and easy to clean after using!

These whisks are made with high-quality stainless steel wire and an eco-friendly rubberwood handle, harvested from rubber trees that have completed their latex-producing cycle that would otherwise go to waste.

Once you add this dough whisk to your arsenal of kitchen tools, you’ll wonder how you ever lived without it!


  • High-quality stainless steel wire
  • Food-grade rubberwood handle
  • Hand-wash
  • Dimensions: 3.1” x 13”

Customer Reviews

Based on 308 reviews
Don’t procrastinate

I’ve been thinking about ordering this for quite a while. Don’t do that. This works even better than I imagined. I used it the day it came to mix meatloaf. It’s easier than using my mixer and so much easier to clean.

Linda M Lewis
Works great!

I have another Danish whisk, so I’m familiar with them. I love the construction on this one - the handle is comfortable and the whisk is sturdy. Besides that, it’s very attractive!

Cheryl Gibbs
Awesome Cooking Tool

Be careful not to soak and clean immediately as last one I had was growing mold inside wood handle as mixing attachment is NOT sealed to handle. Still, I couldn't cook or bake without it!!!

Hi, Cheryl! Thanks for the great tip! We definitely advise people to hand wash this product immediately after use, versus soaking or putting in the dishwasher! We appreciate your reminder! Have a great week!

Wendy Guilfoyle
Danish Dough Whisk

I love this whisk! It is great for mixing up muffins, pancakes, brownies, whatever! After I bought mine, I did a buy three, get one free. I'm putting them in Easter baskets for my mom, sister and grown children!

Callie N.
Danish dough whisk

Love it. I am 67 and have been cooking for years! Why didn’t I know about this product? I bought 3 more for gifts. I use it all the time and it’s a multi use item, so don’t just save it for dough. It’s so easy to clean, too.

Josephine Schmitt

I just love this whisk second one I bought use it for everything baking recipes mixing meat loaf what ever needs mixing would be lost with out it

Maian Liebenow
How I love this!

I love this baking tool. It mixes up all of my baked goods with no difficulty. I especially use it anytime I would normal use a whisk, but so much easier to clean. I am sold!

Danish Whisk

A great addition to a bakers kitchen. I love the help it provides mixing & preparing baked goods! The Long handle makes it perfect!

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