Silicone Roller Bottle Holder - By Jillee Shop
Silicone Roller Bottle Holder - By Jillee Shop
Silicone Roller Bottle Holder - By Jillee Shop
Silicone Roller Bottle Holder - By Jillee Shop
Silicone Roller Bottle Holder - By Jillee Shop
Silicone Roller Bottle Holder - By Jillee Shop
Silicone Roller Bottle Holder - By Jillee Shop
Silicone Roller Bottle Holder - By Jillee Shop

Silicone Roller Bottle Holder

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Ever found yourself rummaging through your purse for that little roller bottle of your favorite essential oil blend? Say goodbye to the endless digging and hello to effortless access with our silicone roller bottle holder!

Whether it’s our Restore blend for those unexpected aches and pains or Complete Relief for sudden headaches, now your go-to oil is always at your fingertips when you need it most.

Why You'll Love It

  • Convenience at Its Best: The adjustable strap lets you hang this holder on your purse, backpack, or keychain. No more fumbling around!
  • See-Through Window: A clever window on the front lets you identify your essential oil without removing it from the holder. Perfect for when you’re carrying multiple blends!
  • Ready-to-Use Design: The holder is sized just right, ending below the cap of your roller bottle. Simply uncap and apply - no need to remove the bottle from its cozy home.
  • Durable and Easy to Clean: Made from silicone rubber, this holder is sturdy and a breeze to clean. Just a quick wash with soap and warm water, and it’s as good as new!
  • Pretty in Pink: We chose a hue that coordinates with our essential oil labels and feels very “Jillee.” For now, it’s available in this signature color that you will adore.

Perfect Pairings

Restore Ready-to-Apply Roll-On: Keep it handy for those unpredictable moments when joint or muscle pain strikes.

Complete Relief Ready-to-Apply Roll-On: Headaches don't wait for anyone. Have this blend within arm's reach and tackle discomfort head-on.

Tum Ease Ready-to-Apply Roll-On: Dining out? Bring this blend along to ease any post-meal tummy troubles.

Slumber Ready-to-Apply Roll-On: Make long flights more bearable by having this sleep-inducing blend by your side.

Calm Mind Ready-to-Apply Roll-On: Stressful situations can pop up anywhere—be prepared with this soothing blend.

Defend Ready-to-Apply Roll-On: Germs are everywhere, but with Defend by your side, you've got your on-the-go shield.

Or grab them all in my Roll-On Kit!


  • Dimensions: .75" x 2.25"
  • Weight: .35 oz
  • Material: silicone rubber

Care Instructions

Hand wash with soap and warm water.

Customer Reviews

Based on 17 reviews
Love the Roller Bottle Holders

These cute little roller bottle holders are great. Love that they have a cutout area so you can see what essential oil is in the holder. I have all my most used oils in one on my purse. Thanks Jillee!

Nancy Moreland
Excellent choice for a little surprise gift!

I actually made the purchase for my daughter who suffers from occasional migraine headaches. It was a surprise to her - she has never used oils before and appreciated the oil (which worked for her) and the handy holder. She's happy with it, so I am too! Great idea!!

Silly cover

I just love this silicone cover over the glass bottles. I know when I pulled them out of my purse so quick sometimes the bottles drop on the ground with this silicone cover I don’t have to worry about them breaking.

Teresa Ritchea
Silicone roller bottle holder

Love all of the products, I have purchased from you. Thank you

Roller Ball Bottle Holder

This is perfect to hang on a purse strap so it is always handy and find it faster too when needed.

So Handy!!

Helps but my roller bottle right where I can find it!! Great idea.


I love the silicone roller bottle holder. So convenient to have it with me. I keep mine on my hand bag handle. Love the pink. So glad I purchased it.

Yolanda T.
Great product

Everything, I have ever ordered from you Jillee has always brought a smile to my face.

The silicone bottle roller holder is perfect. I truly like the color you chose as well.

Thanks, Yolanda

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