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Your Cuticles Need Help, And This Is The Easiest Way To Fix Them

Ragged cuticles aren't just an eyesore—those suckers can HURT! Keep your cuticles and nails soft and hydrated with this simple two-ingredient cuticle oil!

Jill Nystul • October 15, 2019

Jill Nystul • December 20, 2023

Jill Nystul • December 20, 2023

Jill Nystul • December 20, 2023


The cold, dry temperatures around here can wreak havoc on your skin, and my hands are always the first to suffer! My cuticles get dry and cracked, and it can be extremely tempting to pick at them or try and cut them away.

But professionals warn against cutting your cuticles, as it can prevent them from doing their important job of protecting new nail growth from bacteria. So instead of messing around with that, I found a better way to address my cuticle crisis—making my own natural cuticle oil!


And that’s what I’ll be sharing with all of you in today’s blog post! This simple DIY formula is sure to be your new secret weapon for hydrating and strengthening your cuticles and nails all winter long! :-)

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Two Ingredients For Healthier Cuticles And Nails

Why spend money on a store-bought cuticle oil when you can make your own all-natural version using just two ingredients? Here’s a brief overview of what those ingredients are.

The main ingredient in this recipe is fractionated coconut oil. It has a light consistency and absorbs quickly, making it a great choice for this nourishing and hydrating cuticle treatment! (You could also substitute just about any carrier oil here, as long as it has a light consistency.)


The recipe also calls for a small amount of tea tree essential oil. Its antibacterial properties help keep both cuticles and nails clean and strong.

How To Make Your Own Cuticle Oil For Stronger Nails


You’ll need:

Glass roll-on bottle, 10 ml
8 drops tea tree essential oil
~2 tsp fractionated coconut oil



Remove the roller from the roll-on bottle, then add 8 drops of tea tree essential oil.


(Tip: Using an essential oil bottle key makes removing and replacing the roller a LOT easier!)


Fill the remainder of the bottle with fractionated coconut oil, then carefully replace the roller. Shake well to mix, and you’re done!


How To Use Your Cuticle Oil

Apply a small amount of cuticle oil to each fingertip once a day, then rub it into your cuticles and fingernails. Applying the oil right before bed to allow it to work its magic overnight!

If your cuticles could use some serious rehabilitation, apply a thin coat of cuticle oil after every time you wash your hands.


One more tip: make sure to clean any cuticle oil off your fingernails before painting them! If you don’t, the oil will prevent the nail polish from sticking to your nail.

How do you keep your nails and cuticles moisturized during the winter?