Metal Essential Oil Bottle Key - By Jillee Shop
Metal Essential Oil Bottle Key - By Jillee Shop
Metal Essential Oil Bottle Key - By Jillee Shop
Metal Essential Oil Bottle Key - By Jillee Shop
Metal Essential Oil Bottle Key - By Jillee Shop
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Metal Essential Oil Bottle Key

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You don’t have to sacrifice your fingernails to remove the inserts from your oils when this handy little tool can do it for you!

Lightweight and sturdy, this tool is designed to help you unseal and reseal any essential oil bottle, vial, or roll-on bottle up to 30 ml in size.

This is one of the most useful accessories any essential oil user can have in their collection, and it makes a great gift too!

*May come in color other than the color pictured.

Customer Reviews

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Mary Trine
Bottle Key

This metal essential oil bottle key allows me to refill my bottles. Brilliant idea!
Thank you very much Jillee

Bottle key

Works on essential oil bottles to remove the ball and on other bottles too, has different size gages. The size is pretty good and it’s metal.

Gets the Job Done!

At first I didn't think this "key" was really necessary. I just used a knife to pry the top off my roller bottles. I finally broke down and bought one, and I'm so glad I did! It is MUCH easier to get the roller top off the bottle, and much safer too. Worth every penny, for sure.

Brenda Clark

The Metal Essential Oil Bottle Key is the perfect tool to remove the roller balls from the top of essential oil bottles. It make the task so easy without breaking fingernails or having to look for something to fit between the plastic and the bottle to remove the rollerball. Highly recommended! I now own 4 of them!

Beverly Eckstrom
Easy helper!!

Sure glad I found these in your shop!!

Rosie Flynn
Exceeded expectations

I didn't know such a product existed that could remove multi sizes of roll-ons on roll-on products. I'm using just one of the two bottles I bought with coconut oil and tea tree oil for my cuticles and nails. It works instantly and has saved me a lot of aggravation and time. The other bottle I plan to use with coconut oil and one of my favorite essential oil scents.

Great Little Tool

I bought one of these a few months back. I found I could use it in my kitchen as well. When I went to pop off a top on my roller, I always found my tool in the kitchen, so, I just bought another for my kitchen.

Barbara Dowd
Using Lavender Oil

Works well, love the fragrance.

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