The Simple DIY For Better Sleep Is A Nightstand Necessity

Learn how easy it is to make your own "sleep sticks" that can help you unwind and get the restful, restorative sleep you need.

Jill Nystul • April 7, 2023

Jill Nystul • December 20, 2023

Jill Nystul • December 20, 2023

Jill Nystul • December 20, 2023


Slumber Essential Oil Blend Sleep Sticks For A Good Night’s Sleep

I’m always looking for ways to get a better night’s sleep, and Slumber Blend has been certainly been a big help in that regard. I have, in the past, used it to make my own sleep salve, but I was looking for a format that would be less disruptive to my early-to-bed, early-to-rise husband.

I’ve always been more of a night owl, so when I would climb in bed at night (or the wee hours of the morning), I would have to find the jar of salve, take the lid off, put it on, then replace the lid and put the jar back, which was a bit noisy and required turning the light on so I could see what I was doing. He didn’t complain about it, but I woke him up more than once (despite my best efforts).


My grandpuppy, Duncan, definitely approves of my sleep sticks!

As I considered how I might solve this dilemma, I remembered the post I wrote years ago about making “winter cheeks sticks“, and realized I had my solution right there! All I had to do was use Slumber blend in place of lavender oil, and I’d be able to make my own homemade sleep sticks that would be quick and easy to apply!

Here’s how to make them.

DIY Slumber Sticks: How To Make Your Own Sleep Sticks


You’ll need:



In the top of a double boiler, or in a glass or metal bowl suspended over a pot of simmering water, combine the coconut oil, liquid carrier oil, and beeswax. Stir occasionally until melted and combined, then remove from heat.


Add 35 drops of Slumber to the melted oil mixture and stir.


Pour the oil mixture into a measuring cup with a pour spot, then use it to carefully fill your empty lip balm tubes. Allow the oil mixture to solidify completely before using.

IMG_0313 edited (1).jpg__PID:f8d03282-26ed-410e-a78e-e492b6e11563

This recipe will fill about 20-25 small lip balm tubes. If you have any empty tubes left over afterward, you can use them to make homemade lip balm or stain treatment sticks! (Or, for a larger Slumber stick that covers more surface area, you could use an empty deodorant container rather than a lip balm tube.)

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Once you have made your sticks, using them is easy — simply swipe a stick over the bottoms of your feet once you’ve climbed into bed, or while enjoying a cup of sleepy time tea. You’ll be off to sleep in no time!

Love the idea of sleep sticks but don’t want to DIY? Just grab my Slumber Blend Ready-to-Apply Roll-On! The convenient roll-on bottle makes it quick and easy to apply Slumber blend topically. No mixing required and no mess!

You don’t just have to take my word for it that Slumber will help you sleep better! Just check out these customer reviews:

“3 weeks ago I started using Slumber. I didn’t think it was making a difference until I forgot to turn the diffuser on one night. I won’t be making that mistake again! The oils helps me relax and fall asleep easily.”


“This really works. Without it I’d wake several times a night. With Slumber I sleep thru the night. Absolutely GREAT product!!!”

Lorraine B.

“My first use was the first good night’s sleep I have gotten in well over a year! Fantastic!”

Valerie S.

Do you ever have a hard time getting a good night’s sleep?