Slumber Blend Ready-to-Apply Roll-On - By Jillee Shop
Slumber Blend Ready-to-Apply Roll-On - By Jillee Shop
Slumber Blend Ready-to-Apply Roll-On - By Jillee Shop
Slumber Blend Ready-to-Apply Roll-On - By Jillee Shop

Slumber Blend Ready-to-Apply Roll-On

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Slumber is a blend of lavender, cedarwood, lime, bergamot, marjoram, and vetiver essential oils, all blended together in fractionated coconut oil. 

This convenient roll-on bottle makes it quick and easy to apply Slumber blend topically. No mixing required and no mess!

Keep it in your nightstand for at-home use, and take it with you when you travel for more restful sleep!


Size: 10 ml

Aroma: Floral, herbaceous, sweet

How To Use

Apply Slumber blend roll-on to the back of your neck or the bottoms of your feet at bedtime to promote restful sleep.


In addition to consulting a trusted health professional for general essential oil use for adults, please seek advice from your pediatrician veterinarian regarding the safe use of essential oils for children and pets. For more information, visit our Help & FAQs page.

Phototoxic Oil: This blend contains oil(s) that are phototoxic. It may cause skin sensitization if not diluted properly.

Customer Reviews

Based on 213 reviews
Shirley Schneider
It Helps

Although I don't normally have a problem with falling asleep, it does happen infrequently. When this has happened I apply the Slumber and I am usually asleep quickly.

helps my granddaughter

My adult granddaughter was diagnosed with Lyme disease since she was around 15. One of her symptoms is trouble falling asleep most nights . The Slumber roll on and also the Calm roll on have truly helped her relax to fall asleep more quickly.

Bedtime Routine

Took using a few times but now I use every night to help me fall asleep. Grateful for the help:)

EveMarie Rubinacci
Awesome to slumber!

I need a 55 gallon drum! This stuff is amazing. I finished my first purchase and do need or could have the desire for a huge refill or exchange purchase service! I send back my rollerball to be refilled or recycled. I have told many people about this and how amazingly it works. I talk to complete strangers everywhere about it!!! I most probably will become a paid club member for the purchasing benefits. Going to work on my "calm" as I have a major surgery coming up in 2 days and need something to help with the need of calm.

Janet Keyworth
Slumber Essential Oil

This is so effective for Sleep. I use it every night. It's the Best. The Rollerball makes it so easy to use on your skin.

Chris H.
Slumber Blend Roll-on

Love this amazing product to help me fall asleep. I dab it behind my ears, behind my neck and under my feet, then I drift into a sweet night slumber 😴 Thank you, Jillee for creating this wonderful product 👏

easier sleep

I have trouble falling asleep many nights. I purchased slumber roll on and I must say it gets me off to a good sleep. I just apply it to the nape of my neck and the arches of my feet and with 10 minutes, I am in a restful sleep.

Janice D.
This really works!

Fast & deep slumber is now my nightly companion! Thank you Jill!

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