Microfiber Dishcloths · 4 Pack - By Jillee Shop
Microfiber Dishcloths · 4 Pack - By Jillee Shop
Microfiber Dishcloths · 4 Pack - By Jillee Shop
Microfiber Dishcloths · 4 Pack - By Jillee Shop
Microfiber Dishcloths · 4 Pack - By Jillee Shop
Microfiber Dishcloths · 4 Pack - By Jillee Shop
Microfiber Dishcloths · 4 Pack - By Jillee Shop
Microfiber Dishcloths · 4 Pack - By Jillee Shop
Microfiber Dishcloths · 4 Pack - By Jillee Shop

Microfiber Dishcloths · 4 Pack

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We’re redefining dishwashing with our new Microfiber Dishcloths! 

You can’t get enough of our Microfiber Kitchen Towels for drying your dishes. Now, we’re excited to introduce the perfect kitchen companion - our 10” x10” Microfiber Dishcloths for washing your dishes.

These compact yet mighty dishcloths are crafted to make your cleaning routine more efficient and effective, ensuring that every plate, cup, and utensil is spotlessly clean.

Why You’ll Love Them

  • Odor-Free Freshness: Our microfiber dishcloths are designed to dry quickly, preventing the musty odors common in damp sponges and traditional cloths. With regular washing, they stay refreshingly clean and odor-free.
  • Built to Last: Known for their durability, these dishcloths endure numerous washes without losing effectiveness. Their long-lasting nature makes them a more sustainable and eco-friendly option compared to frequently replaced sponges and cloths.
  • Kind to Every Surface: The non-abrasive, soft texture of our microfiber ensures that all types of dishes, including your delicate glassware and non-stick surfaces, remain scratch-free and in pristine condition.
  • Superior Cleaning Efficiency: Thanks to the waffle weave design, these cloths can trap and lift dirt and food particles, making them significantly more effective than standard dishcloths and sponges.
  • Easy Care, Hygienic Use: Our microfiber dishcloths are not only easier to clean and maintain compared to traditional options, but they can also be regularly machine washed, ensuring they remain hygienic and stain-free for continued use.

Perfect Pairings

Thanks to your feedback, we’ve expanded our collection to include sizes for every need!

13” x13” Microfiber Cleaning Cloth: When it’s time to dust and polish, reach for this versatile cloth. It’s designed to trap dust and grime, leave mirrors streak-free, and handle a variety of cleaning tasks.

16 “x23” Microfiber Kitchen TowelIt’s time your kitchen towels got an upgrade. Say goodbye to ineffective kitchen towels that just push water around, and say hello to effortless drying and shining.


Quantity: 4 cloths
Dimensions: 10 “x10”
Weight: 4.05 oz
Material: 80% polyester, 20% polyamide

Care Instructions

If they aren’t particularly dirty after use, rinse them thoroughly with water and hang them from the loop to dry. When ready, hand-wash cloths in cold water or machine wash in cold water on a gentle cycle with a mild detergent. Air dry or tumble dry on low/no heat setting. Avoid using fabric softeners, dryer sheets, and dryer balls.

Customer Reviews

Based on 33 reviews
Nice dish cloths

These dish cloths ( or just small cloths) are a great size for a multitude of tasks. I liked them so much, I shared with my daughter.
Another great product from Jillee.

Happy Customer
Small and mighty

Great addition to my collection of kitchen dish cloths.
I'm always looking for that absolute perfect kitchen dish cloth. Well I've found it!
Why you may ask?
1. It does an above excellent job of wiping down surfaces.
2. It dries quickly after usage
3. And this one is important.....It does not get a smell. So many of my other ones would get that funky smell after normal usage. So I always have a stack of frequently soaked, washed and dried dish cloths,
4. I love the hanging loop. It allows for the cloth to hang and hasten the drying.
5. All in all a great product. I'm a believer as you can tell.

Elizabeth Dufeck

They are very absorbent and don’t harbor odors. This is my second purchase and I highly recommend them.

Microfiber waffle cleaning cloth

Excellent product. Holds up well. I just wish they were less expensive

Marian Brubaker
Best cloths I ever had!

I love these sink and counter cloths. They are absorbent, dry quickly, and pick up crumbs with the nice square weave.I use them on the counter tops and to clean the sink.

Very Good Dish Cloth

For years I have been using the disposable Handiwipe brand dish cloths. I bought a set of these dish cloths because I liked the sister set of dish towels I purchased last fall. Plus I wanted something reusable. So far, I like them a lot. They are not too big or bulky, they dry out quickly and they don't seem to develope off odors. I am looking to buy another set.

Terrenia Porter
wash cloths

They are absolutely amazing! My friend gave me one for Christmas and I had to order more. I love how quickly they dry.

Microfiber Dishcloths

I ordered these dishcloths after I saw them as one of the new items that Jillee had added to her product line. Since I was already using the microfiber dish towels & loved them, I was delighted to get these matching dishcloths. The size of these was perfect & I liked that they were an ideal size for cleaning chores, & were fast drying. I love all of the microfiber products I have ordered.

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