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"Why Didn't I Think of That?" Perpetual Daily Calendar

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Nearly 13 years ago, I started my blog, “One Good Thing by Jillee,” to help me stay sober after leaving a residential treatment center for alcoholism.

Focusing on “one good thing” per day helped me find real joy and a sense of purpose in my role as a homemaker. It also connected me with so many of you who face your own battles, big and small, within the walls of your home.

Now I’m taking my best tips off the pages of my blog and bringing them into your homes with, “Why Didn’t I Think of That? 365 Tips & Tricks to Solve Life’s Little Problems,” a perpetual daily calendar featuring “one good thing” per day!

Put this calendar somewhere that you’ll see it every single day. Let it serve as a reminder that you aren’t alone in the piles of laundry and dirty dishes and that you don’t have to figure it all out by yourself. Together, we’ll navigate the ups and downs of homemaking, one day at a time.

How to Use

  • Notice the different colors and symbols on the pages? They correspond to the category of each tip, helping you know what kind of life hack you're getting for the day.
  • Along with the tip of the day, each page also includes my personal take on the idea.
  • Stumbled on a tip you don’t want to forget? Snap a picture of the page with your phone, or mark the page with a sticky tab for easy reference.
  • Reached the end of the year? Flip the pages back over and start again, or pass it on to a friend!


Dimensions: 5.75"x5.75"

Weight: 17.7 oz 

Customer Reviews

Based on 19 reviews
Suzanne McMullen
Great Gift

I gave all 4 that I bought, away as gifts. Each person loved the flip calendar. Said they would enjoy reading daily.

Carolyn McCartney
Tips and tricks

Love that I have all of your ideas together in one place to review on a daily basis. I often forget the great hints and this is a perfect way to be reminded.

Naomi Wortman

Love the calendar!!! I read the tips and use them, so to have them at my fingertips is wonderful. I highly recommend it!

Madge Thomas
Tips &Tricks

Love it! It’s a quick reminder to make life easier.


Love all the great tips!

Carol O
Perpetual Daily Calendar

I've had this calendar for a few weeks now and I've learned or been reminded of something VALUABLE each day - my rule is not to take sneak peaks ahead! It's well-constructed on heavy stock, designed beautifully and sits unobtrusively on my desk next to my computer. What a clever idea - thank you so much for coming up with yet another brilliant idea, Jillee!

Eileen Facilla
Cute little calendar-

Love this, cute, compact, sits wherever you place it. A neat and handy helpful hint for each day. Can be used over and over!

Stephanie M.
Why didn't I think of that calendar

Very cool! I just have to remember to turn the page - LOL. I will put it on the counter by my sink, but I love the tips so far.

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