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Roll-On Kit

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Essentials by Jillee Roll-Ons make it quick and easy to apply your favorite essential oil blends, no matter where your day takes you!

With the Roll-On Kit, you’ll get all six Essentials by Jillee Roll-Ons, including Defend, Restore, Complete Relief, Slumber, Tum Ease, and Calm Mind, at one low price.

Use these useful blends to protect yourself from the bug going around the office, relieve aching muscles, stop a headache in its tracks, and more! 

This kit includes:

  • Defend Blend Ready-To-Apply Roll-On, 10 ml
  • Restore Blend Ready-To-Apply Roll-On, 10 ml
  • Complete Relief Blend Ready-To-Apply Roll-On, 10 ml
  • Slumber Blend Ready-To-Apply Roll-On, 10 ml
  • Tum Ease Blend Ready-To-Apply Roll-On, 10 ml
  • Calm Mind Blend Ready-To-Apply Roll-On, 10 ml


In addition to consulting a trusted health professional for general essential oil use for adults, please seek advice from your pediatrician veterinarian regarding the safe use of essential oils for children and pets. For more information, visit our Help & FAQs page.

Customer Reviews

Based on 31 reviews
Daun Marie Larson
Roll on Kit

I like the kit because it’s giving me the chance to try different oils to try on whatever ache or pain I might experience, rather than relying on a pill!

Mary Ann Waara
Great Products

I finally ordered the roll on kit and couldn’t be more pleased. I have used Defend when I knew I would be in public and exposed to the flu and colds. It smells great and is easy to use. Also have started to use Calm Mind when I’m anxious and Slumber for bedtime. I sleep better than ever when I roll it on my temples, neck and wrists. I keep them on my nightstand and in my purse when going out. Thank you for these! I plan to buy more for gifts.


Great service, can't wait to try

Cindy Ward
WONDERFUL set of USEFUL essential oil blends - highly recommended!

I needed another refill of the Restore roll-on, because my husband and I use Restore frequently for various muscle aches. Just for fun, I decided to get the rest of the roll-on set as well, and I am SO glad I did! I have used each roll-on at least once since the set arrived, and a couple of them much more than once. I would love it if All-Clear - my other Jillie essential oil favorite - was included someday soon to make it a set of 7 roll-ons!

Anna Rivera

They really work.

carole Temps
Love the ones I have tried

I purchased the slumber several weeks ago and use it as I get ready for bed. I a. Now falling asleep faster and staying asleep longer. I have a daughter who is experiencing stomach issues and I am sharing with her. I am delighted to have these products as issues arise.

Debbie Gray
Love the oils

I love the assortment of essential oils

Excellent Results!

Received this kit about 10 days ago. So far I’ve used slumber, calm mind, and tumease was shared with a friend. All three have worked great and very quickly. I previously tried tumease and bought this kit because that worked so well for me! Thanks!

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