Homemade Laundry Guide eBook - By Jillee Shop
Homemade Laundry Guide eBook - By Jillee Shop

Homemade Laundry Guide eBook

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"12 Essential Recipes To Create Your Money-Saving Laundry Arsenal"

This eBook has all the information you need to get start making your own laundry products and solutions at home.

From laundry detergent (both liquid and powdered varieties) to stain removers, you'll learn how to make a full range of effective alternatives to conventional laundry products.

The recipes in these pages contain safe and often natural ingredients that are better for your family, the environment, and your budget too!

Note: This ebook is a DIGITAL FILE ONLY. No physical book will be shipped to you. You will receive instructions to download a PDF file after purchase. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 43 reviews

Homemade Laundry Guide eBook

Janice Bhanji

Great , unfortunately cannot purchase from your shop as I live in England !

Corrina Rogers
Laundry guide

I use it to improve the way I do my laundry.

Rita Ware

I have already used the guide

Cheryl N Cunningham
Thank you!

I have a HE washing machine so I’m anxious to get the liquid laundry detergent in use. I haven’t seen any washing soda around, just baking soda, so guess I will have to get Jillee’s soda conversion going.
I’m also anxious to make the Rosemary Mint Fabric Softener.
I will not be using large glass containers to store any liquid. I am 79 years young and don’t trust my ability to safely handle these gems in glass jars.
I’ve been wanting to try the Dryer Balls.
Of course the Reusable Dryer Sheets are a win, win!
If I should get lazy and not want to use the Spray Starch I can always use the Wrinkle Release Spray.

Donna Bush
Excellent site!

I have tried many of Jillee’s homemade cleaning recommendations and have gifted many to friends and family. My favourite is the granite spray. I use the same ingredients on my counters, floors, and in my bathrooms. Thank you!

Franka McNeil
Laundry tips

Very helpful. Thank you for your hard work in collating all the tips, ideas and information. I really value all the wonderful work you do in researching.

Belle Scharf
Laundry Guide

Great Guide whether you have been doing laundry 1 day or 30 years. New ideas and ways of dealing with the stains you come across. Easy to use & understand.

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