Cleaning Kit - By Jillee Shop
Cleaning Kit - By Jillee Shop
Cleaning Kit - By Jillee Shop
Cleaning Kit - By Jillee Shop
Cleaning Kit - By Jillee Shop
Cleaning Kit - By Jillee Shop
Cleaning Kit - By Jillee Shop
Cleaning Kit - By Jillee Shop

Cleaning Kit

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Ready to take a more natural approach to keeping your house clean? This kit has everything you need to get started!

You’ll get a bottle of Simple Clean blend, containing purifying oils that are tough on grease and grime, and a spray bottle for all your homemade cleaning concoctions.

With this kit, you also get four microfiber cleaning cloths that are as handy for wiping up spills as they are for dusting (or any other chore for that matter!)

And last but not least, this kit includes a copy of my eBook Cleaning House, which is packed with recipes for my favorite homemade cleaning products. It’s a great resource for anyone interested in safer, natural alternatives to conventional cleaning products!


This kit includes:

- Simple Clean Essential Oil Blend, 10 ml ($16.99 value)
- Amber Spray Bottle, 16 oz ($9.99 value)
- Microfiber Cleaning Cloths, 4-pack ($17.99 value)
- Cleaning House eBook ($10 value)

How To Use

Use your Cleaning Kit to whip up a natural all-purpose cleaning spray!

Add the following ingredients to your glass spray bottle:

- 20 drops Simple Clean Essential Oil Blend
- 1 teaspoon borax
- 1/2 teaspoon washing soda
- 1 teaspoon castile soap
- 2 cups warm water

Screw the spray top back onto the bottle and shake gently to mix. Spray it over any grimy surface around the house, then wipe it clean with a microfiber cleaning cloth! This cleaning spray is sure to become your new go-to cleaner of choice.

(Note: Give this cleaning spray another shake before each use, as the ingredients may separate over time.)


In addition to consulting a trusted health professional for general essential oil use for adults, please seek advice from your pediatrician veterinarian regarding the safe use of essential oils for children and pets. For more information, visit our Help & FAQs page.

Customer Reviews

Based on 59 reviews
Jocelyne Allard
Cleaning kit

The 3 products compliment each other very good


This cleaning kit does a great job with the mirrors.

Mary Siegel
clothes and oils

I think you should have enclosed the directions with the purchase just to make it easier to complete the set up

Frances Evans
Simple clean

This works great & smells wonderful!

Sandra Brown
Great Cleaning Kit

I wanted to purchase these items separately, so this kit was the answer. I now am making my own cleaning solutions. The bottle sprayers work really well. I have the recipes from the e-book handy. The scent of the Simply Clean oil is nice, it smells fresh, not perfume-y. I also use the essential oil with baking soda for the fridge. Of course, I wanted some more towels in cream this time, they are really nice and substantial.

Kathy Bragg
Cleaning Kit

I love it. The 3 items are great.

Karen Z Beyer
Love The Towels!

Haven’t yet mixed up the cleaning spray but I’m sure, considering the ingredients, it will work well. Love the scent of the Simple Clean essential oil! And the towels are absolutely wonderful! I’m half tempted to toss my old towels, since I know I’ll probably never use them again!

Another great set of products from Jillee

Cleaner bottle deluxe and scents! What’s not to love? She does it again. My thanks for her attention to detail!

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