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Calm Mind Blend Ready-to-Apply Roll-On - By Jillee Shop
Calm Mind Blend Ready-to-Apply Roll-On - By Jillee Shop
Calm Mind Blend Ready-to-Apply Roll-On - By Jillee Shop

Calm Mind Blend Ready-to-Apply Roll-On

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Calm Mind is a blend of sweet orange, coriander, cedarwood, lime, and balsam of Peru essential oils.

With its uplifting citrus aroma featuring hints of herbs and wood, this grounding blend helps restore balance to troubled thoughts and uneasy feelings. When stress and worries are weighing you down, Calm Mind blend helps promote a more peaceful state of mind.

This convenient roll-on bottle contains Calm Mind blend that has been pre-diluted with fractionated coconut oil, so it’s ready to swipe on at a moment’s notice! 

Carry it in your purse, backpack, or luggage so it’s always there when you need it.


Size: 10 ml

Aroma: Citrusy, fresh, herbal, woodsy

How To Use

Swipe Calm Mind roll-on over the back of your neck or on your wrists for support during periods of heightened tension, stress, or anxiety.


In addition to consulting a trusted health professional for general essential oil use for adults, please seek advice from your pediatrician veterinarian regarding the safe use of essential oils for children and pets. For more information, visit our Help & FAQs page.

Phototoxic Oil: This blend contains oil(s) that are phototoxic. It may cause skin sensitization if not diluted properly.

Customer Reviews

Based on 32 reviews
carole Temps
I love this product

Calm mind and slumber are my favorite products. I tend to not sleep well and sometimes deal with anxiety. I find these two essential oil blends help me greatly.

lesley mcKenna
More than calming

I get a lot of headaches that do not respond well to medication. I was at my wits end with my last headache that I thought I would give calm minds a try and within half an hour my headache abated. This is certainly a product I will use regularly. Thank you Jillee.

Jan Lee
Calm Mind

I purchased Calm Mind for myself a while ago. I love it! Rolling in on my temples and wrists just brings the right amount of calm I need. Thank you, Jillee 😀

Works well

Helps me to unwind and let go of stress.

Calm Mind

Haven’t used it yet. Very happy with all the other oils I’ve used and are still using so I’m sure this will be no different. All of Jillie’s oils are wonderful.

Cheryl Gibbs
It works!!

Use it before bed and seems to STOP the marauding brain action!!!!

Corrina Rogers
Calm mind

Natural oils are the best and work for me.

Calm Mind

I am a fan of all the things from Jillie's shop. Calm mind has a pleasant and calming scent.

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