DIY Your Pantry eBook - By Jillee Shop
DIY Your Pantry eBook - By Jillee Shop

DIY Your Pantry eBook

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"25+ Cooking Ingredients You Can Make At Home To Save A Fortune"

This eBook is packed with over two dozen recipes for homemade versions of staple foods and cooking ingredients that can be bought in stores.

Not only will these recipes save you a lot of money on your grocery budget, but they also have a tasty homemade flavor that the store-bought stuff just can't match!

From spices and seasonings for cooking, to sauces and condiments for your favorite dishes, these easy and delicious recipes prove that nothing beats the “do-it-yourself” approach!

Note: This ebook is a DIGITAL FILE ONLY. No physical book will be shipped to you. You will receive instructions to download a PDF file after purchase. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Sharon Welch
Great collection of Do It Yourself recipes.

Jillee has put together a selection of the most common seasonings, spices, sauces and pantry staples that we waste so much money buying "ready-made". They are so simple and inexpensive to put together yourself once you have the recipes. The ingredients for each item are usually found in your found in your own cabinets or pantries anyway. Taco Seasoning, Onion Soup Mix, Ranch Dressing Seasoning, Teriyaki sauce, etc. Too many items to list here. Love this booklet!

Jenny Church

These are coming in so handy right now since it is hard to find some of the staples at the grocery stores. I also love that I know exactly what is in the spice blends!

Great DIY Your Pantry E-book

Great recipes for items (cream soups, gravy, various spices, etc.) we use often in the kitchen. Well worth it as you're able to save money by making it yourself. Love it!!!

lynn zukowski
great pantry DIY's

this shows you how to create the staples in your pantry. make your own dips, gravy bases, even cream soup bases. uses products you already have in your pantry, with less salt and preservatives. this is a great cook book to have in your arsenal when you are missing some ingredients to finish your recipe.

susan maltby

this is a great go to and very helpful

Ann Talley
Coffee creamer

Easy to make. Made half a recipe, as I don't drink a lot of coffee. Taste was good with vanilla extract. Used electric mixer to mix it.

Great Info

I learned so much from this.With this virus
here now I don't want to go out much so these are a great idea. Even when the virus is over I will always be making these. my husband is even interested in helping me make them. Thank you.

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