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Foaming Hand Soap Bottle & Pump • 400 ml - By Jillee Shop
Foaming Hand Soap Bottle & Pump • 400 ml - By Jillee Shop
Foaming Hand Soap Bottle & Pump • 400 ml - By Jillee Shop
Foaming Hand Soap Bottle & Pump • 400 ml - By Jillee Shop
Foaming Hand Soap Bottle & Pump • 400 ml - By Jillee Shop
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Foaming Hand Soap Bottle & Pump • 400 ml

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With this foaming hand soap bottle, you can start making your own naturally luxurious foaming hand soaps at home!

Using all-natural essential oils and moisturizers, you can mix up a hand soap that leaves your hands feeling soft and nourished, rather than dry and itchy.

You can refill and reuse this foaming hand soap bottle again and again, keeping plastic out of landfills and money in your pocket!

Want to learn how to make a foaming hand soap solution with all-natural essential oils? Check out the link below!

Size: 400 ml

Material: Plastic

How To Make A Naturally Foaming Hand Soap That Won’t Dry Out Your Skin

Customer Reviews

Based on 109 reviews
Love it!

Its square shape ensures stability on my narrow counter. Other bottles are slim and often topple over either to the floor or onto the other containers I have on there.

Stacy Schwab
Foaming Hand Soap Bottle & Pump

I love the Foaming Hand Soap Bottle & Pump. It actually makes me wash my hands longer. I’m having a little trouble getting the proportions of soap v water but other than that I’m delighted with this product.

Hi, there! Try using 20% soap and 80% water! You can fill the bottle up about 1/5 of the way with soap and then the rest of the way with water! Shake well! This should make the perfect solution for Foaming Hand Soap!

Cecilia Ta

We just love this foam hand soap bottle and pump. Love the big size so we don’t have to refill constantly. Save money because we don’t have buy the hand soap more frequently

Eileen Storch
Great Function!!

Works great!! Love the thick foam! Uses just a small amount of Castile soap, 2 Oz. and 15 drops of essential oil!

Grace Takahashi
Love this dispenser

First dispenser that didn’t stop working after a few pumps. Very sturdy.

Foaming Hand Soap Bottle and Pump

Very sturdy and has a square bottom which doesn’t tip easily. Sharon

Margo Faust
Foaming bottle and pump

Works great and looks nice. Fits any decor.


It is awesome!

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