How To Wash Everything eBook - By Jillee Shop
How To Wash Everything eBook - By Jillee Shop

How To Wash Everything eBook

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“Comprehensive Care Guides To Solve All Your Laundry Quandaries”

This eBook focuses on the “how” of cleaning and caring for the clothing, towels, and bedding in your home.

It's packed with ingenious methods, tips, and tricks for everything from cleaning down bedding, to restoring yellowed linens to their former glory!

No matter what laundry-based challenged you find yourself facing, you'll find all the help you need to solve them in this useful guide.

Note: This ebook is a DIGITAL FILE ONLY. No physical book will be shipped to you. You will receive instructions to download a PDF file after purchase. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Beverly DiBenedetti
Wasing made Easy

It is always so much easier to wash everything with tested results that are easy to follow.

Barbara Ann
How to wash everything

I keep all ofJillee's books in my Kindle app. They are handy to reference as needed. All of her pamphlets are a great resource for me.

Awesome Book

Great recipes, hints, and easier ways of washing things. Most are environmentally safe. Awesome book for quick tips and how-tos. Thank you for putting all these great ideas in one book. Laundry has never been so clean!!

Laundry Quick Reference

A great reference to have handy for all the questions that come up while doing laundry.

Sonya Thomas
Love my stuff

I can't believe that I never knew how much I needed the Danish dough hook. I'm using it to mix everything from cookie dough to cake batter.

Saving LAUNDRY tips

I downloaded this book so that it would be quickly available to look up any Laundry issues that come up!

Sandra Beaudry
Useful information

This was a good guide to keep handy to help with all those pesky little laundry problems. Very useful.

Danielle Ouellet
How to wash everything

I remember ordering the booklet How to wash everything but I cannot find it on my I-pad. Where should I look ?

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