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Spray Bottle Labels: Cleaning Recipes - By Jillee Shop

Spray Bottle Labels: Cleaning Recipes

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With this set of self-adhesive and waterproof spray bottle labels, you'll never forget how to make your favorite DIY products!

Each label features a recipe printed in white text on a clear background, making them the perfect match for our 16oz amber spray bottles. 

This 7-pack of labels includes recipes for Jillee's favorite homemade cleaning products, including:

  • All-Purpose Cleaning Spray
  • Window & Mirror Cleaner
  • Granite Cleaner
  • Tub & Shower Cleaner
  • Dusting Spray
  • Citrus Degreaser
  • Mold & Mildew Cleaner

Dimensions: 3" x 4"

Note: The spray bottle is not included with the labels. You can buy one here.

      Customer Reviews

      Based on 130 reviews
      Spray Bottles & Labels

      Love these Spray Bottles & Labels! Very light weight, easy to handle and with the added labels: there’s no guessing what’s in each one! Thanks!!

      Cynthia Lilla
      Wonderful cleaning recipes! Work so well and easy to make! Go for It!

      I finally made up some of the recipes! the Grease cutter, the dusting spray, the window and glass cleaner and the general cleaner! WOW! I have asthma. It was my everlasting COVID present and so many of the store cleaner irritate me. These cleaners do not bother me and do they ever work! I really thought "how can a homemade grease cutter work?" Boy, was I surprised. It got a lot of layers of old product off that I didn't even know was there. My stove top looks great! My windows clean up so easily. Thank you Jille and thanks for putting the recipes on the labels so we never have to go looking for how to make the cleaner.

      Labels are Great!

      The bottles with the labels are perfect! Even my husband has been impressed with the shower cleaner. Now our shower doors are sparkling!


      These have been extremely helpful for all my cleaning. The labels are so wonderful!

      Abigail Adams
      Excellent labels; helpful!

      Love the labels and the spray bottles. What an amazingly brilliant idea to print the ingredients and instructions on the labels!! Such a common-sense idea is rarely found, it seems. These high-quality labels have a pleasant appearance, simple to apply, and are easy to read too. If I had one request, it would be: Offer an additional option for us to choose the exact labels we want. For example, I have no need for Granite Cleaner, but I love making bottles of Jillee’s products as gifts for friends, and so a packet that lets me choose, perhaps, 3 Cleaning Spray and 3 Citrus Degreaser would be excellent. Jillee’s products and her ideas always make life better, and I am proud to use them myself and to give them as gifts, which I often do.

      Non-toxic cleaning!

      I love Jillee's recipes for non-toxic cleaners that help reduce my exposure to hazardous chemicals found in many commercial products that can cause skin irritation or more serious health
      problems. Plus, it’s a big win for the environment! The colored glass bottles are perfect for storing the products.


      The labels are a whole lot better to read than my scribbled ones used to be!!!

      Jitendra Patel
      Spray bottle labels

      Very well designed and useful labels

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