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Tum Ease Blend Ready-to-Apply Roll-On

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Tum Ease is a blend of coriander, tangerine, cypress, pink grapefruit, sweet marjoram, cardamom, dill weed, ginger, sweet fennel, and balsam of Peru essential oils.

This warm and earthy blend features oils that help to support digestion and settle feelings of queasiness or discomfort.

This convenient roll-on bottle contains Tum Ease blend that has been pre-diluted with fractionated coconut oil, so it’s ready to swipe on at a moment’s notice!

Carry it in your purse, backpack, or luggage so it’s always there when you need it.


Size: 10 ml

Aroma: Earthy, citrusy, woody, warm

How To Use

Swipe Tum Ease roll-on over your lower abdomen or onto the soles of your feet after a big meal, or to help settle a queasy tummy.


In addition to consulting a trusted health professional for general essential oil use for adults, please seek advice from your pediatrician veterinarian regarding the safe use of essential oils for children and pets. For more information, visit our Help & FAQs page.

Customer Reviews

Based on 63 reviews
Smells Great

Thankfully, I haven't yet needed to use Tum Ease. However, it smells great; and I'm sure it'll work as well as Complete Relief and Restore, both of which help the arthritis in my fingers and hands. I have a form of colitis which sometimes makes my stomach ache, so I'll be trying this when/if that happens again.

Happy friend!

I gifted this to a friend who has frequent tummy issues.
She’s told me it works well, & that since it’s not taken orally, no worries about side effects.

Gloria Nelson
Relieves stomach rumble

Whenever my stomach begins to rumble, I apply Tum Ease and in a short period the rumble dissipates and the uncomfortable feeling in my stomach leaves and I can return to normal activities.

Lupe Saiz
Tum Ease

I Love this tummy eased it really works, I put it on my belly button or just over the area in my stomach that is achy, I have repurchased to give out to my family. THANK YOU 😊

Karen Baum
Tum Ease

I have loved using this roll on tummy relief when I get an upset tummy . It’s so easy and works great and quickly.

Relief at Last!!!!

My husband has suffered from heart but for years. I got him this knowing he is a skeptical person of feel better quick products. After the first night of rolling it on the next morning he said it “seemed” to work. That night he rolled it on again and has been having great results! Added benefit….he sleeps better and now I can too! Thanks so much!!!

Love Tum Ease

I bought this just to see…wasn’t really convinced that an essential oil blend could help with my ongoing stomach woes. But it does, just about every time. My wish is that the bottle was bigger with a bigger roller ball. I’m not a big person at 135 lbs, but the little roller takes a while to cover the area.

Susan Grupe
A Must Try

ALL THE STARS for Tum Ease and, frankly, for all the products I've used that Jillee offers on OGT. It's like magic and I keep ordering it as my family takes mine. It works for more than just nausea! And it smells great. .

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